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Duel Tutorial: Part 2

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Nov 29, 2007
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Hopefully, you have either participated in a few duels, or read Part 1 of the Duel Tutorial before reading this part. That will help it all make a lot more sense. In this part I will cover much of what is actually going on in the duels.

duel exampleWhen you are in a duel, and you have the ability to act, you will notice a drop-down box and several buttons next to your icon. Using these, you can choose who you are going to act against and what action you are going to take. Currently, you have four different actions you take each round: attack, wild, defend, and douchepunch.
  • Attack - A standard, cautious attack that deals a moderate amount of damage.
  • Wild - A wild attack that throws out any thought about defense and focuses the maximum amount of power into the attack. Deals significantly more damage than a standard attack.
  • Defend - A defensive posture that looks for an opening in an opponent's attack. Reduces damage taken from successful strikes.
  • Douchepunch - A mysterious attack that utilizes the power of the douche. The exact effects of the douchepunch are unknown. It is sometimes a crippling blow and other times an utterly sissy strike. Especially astute observers should be able to figure out the secret of the douchepunch.
The correlation to rock-paper-scissors should be obvious. Attack beats Defend, Defend beats Wild, and Wild beats Attack. Douchepunch... is just a douchepunch.

The duels are mixture of luck and skill. Damage is determined by the action you take, the action(s) your opponent(s) takes, and other modifiers, chief of which being a random number generated in range, which I will refer to as your "roll". Another significant modifier is your rank. Many of you might have noticed that when high ranked users duel low ranked users that the high ranked users attacks hurt more. This is by design. At first, the difference was way too high, and has since been nerfed. Now, higher ranked users have a slight advantage over a lower ranked opponent, but the lower ranked opponent still stands a good chance of winning.

Another thing to take into account is that you have a small chance of just outright missing with any attack. Also, there is a small chance that you can score a critical hit with any attack that will significantly increase the damage it inflicts. You can tell if the action was a critical hit by the adjective chosen to describe the damage. Here are the adjectives that designate a critical hit:

The final currently implemented modifier is one that I bet most of you have not even noticed to this point. Did you know that you can enhance the actions of other duelists in duels? This only applies to duels you are not participating in, however. Simply go to a duel and place your cursor over the rank icon of a user and you will notice that it turns into a hand. Click that person's icon and they will get a slight boost to their next action. You can do this once per round. Abuse of this feature (e.g. using multiple accounts to vote for yourself in a duel) WILL be noticed and will dealt with severely. Also, using multiple accounts or colluding to fix duels for the purpose of winning wagers is also prohibited.

duel exampleWhy did I final implemented modifier? Have you noticed those 6 gray x's under everyone's name while they duel? Those represent equipment slots and the gray x means that it is empty. Before long, you will be able to buy and find different types of weapons, armor, items, and relics throughout the site to buff yourself up and make winning duels easier.

You have probably also noticed that everyone's box says "no guild" as well. Obviously we are going to create a guild system - more details on that will be coming soon.

One final thought on duels. Duels are soon going to be an integral part of gaining rank at The Awesome Theory. Each duel you participate in will earn you experience. How much experience you get depends on the number of participants, whether you won or lost, and the average rank of your team versus the average rank of the opponent's team(s). The higher the rank of your opponent, the more experience you will get for the duel, win or lose. You need certain amount of experience, yet to be determined, to advance ranks. Once we decide all the bugs have been worked out of the duels, we are going to clear everything out and start from stratch and give you all a three to four week grace period to earn the expereince you will need to maintain your current rank. If your fail to collect it in time, you will be demoted, so duel fast and duel often!

That is it for part 2 of the Duel Tutorial. Expect to see part 3 around the time that equipment becomes a part of the duels.

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User Comments

EXP won't be a big deal once there are monsters.

Comment by: Typewriter -- Date: 2008-01-13 11:09:02

"nerfed" - coolest word ever.

Comment by: tragedy -- Date: 2007-11-29 18:32:24

The original plan was to wipe out exp also, but since that seems to be working correctly (we have not had to mess with that formula) maybe we'll let you all keep it. Records will all be thrown out, however, since the first 50-60 duels were working with rules quite different than right now.

Comment by: Buckramega -- Date: 2007-11-29 13:37:35

So on the note of having to gain back our ranks, do all of our previous duels have any effect on maintaining our rank after the purge?

Comment by: NinjaPirate -- Date: 2007-11-29 13:23:11


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