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The Blacksmith is Here

Posted by
Feb 14, 2008
Category: Awesome
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The Awesome Theory Blacksmith has opened his doors to help you douche nozzles make your equipment better. The blacksmith is rather simple, but at the same time very complicated. He has an interesting personality and getting him to do what you want can be troublesome (and will continue to get more so as he himself is upgraded).

The first thing you will notice when visiting the blacksmith is his greeting. He always has something to say, and will let you know what is on his mind. If he seems exceptionally grouchy, then it might be a good idea to come back later.
Blacksmith greeting
Sample blacksmith greeting

Below his speech bubble you will usually see three options for things you could say. Be very careful here, as one slip up could result in force expulsion from the blacksmith's shop. Each tiem you choose something to say you will be presented with new options until you either leave in frustration, get kicked out, or the blacksmith allows you to choose an item to upgrade.
Blacksmith options
Sample blacksmith options

Once you are allowed to choose an item to upgrade, you will notice you no longer have three options to choose from, instead you must click on the stat image from an item you want to upgrade. Unlike other places where you see items, stats with a zero are shown here, since you can upgrade those stats as well. One note, however. No item can have both damage and armor, and if an item has neither, it will never be able to have either.
Equipment Selection
Equipment Selection

Once you click on the stat of the item you want to upgrade, you will be brought to another screen where that item is separated from the rest. The stat you chose will be bright, and the ones you did not will be dim. You can switch to another stat on the same item, or another item all together by going down and clicking on a different item in your list. You will be given three upgrade options.
Upgrade Selection
Upgrade Selection

These three options will show you the costs to upgrade the item in that stat. If you cannot afford a particular upgrade, it will be red. click the upgrade button, and you will be charged the required awesome points and materials. You will receive a message that the blackmsith upgraded the item by upping the stat by the amount specified. A that point you can choose another item to upgrade.

So what is the deal with these materials? On the right side of the blacksmith page, you can see the legend for the materials and what they upgrade. When on the blacksmith page, you can see the materials in your inventory.

In addition to these materials, the blacksmith requires payment in the form of Awesome Points. He uses some of these points, along with the materials, to actually upgrade the item. The rest of the awesome points he keeps for himself. As the stats on your items get higher, the more materials and awesome will be required to upgrade it.

Keep an eye out for further enhancements to the blacksmith. Eventually, he will be able to repair broken equipment, de-upgrade equipment to reclaim materials, and commission the creation of legendary equipment.
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User Comments

it runs like a champ!

Comment by: makeyourtime -- Date: 2008-08-01 06:43:28

Very nice, but I'm still confused on the unobtainium

Comment by: NinjaPirate -- Date: 2008-02-19 10:48:20

i love it. :)

Comment by: beautyrains -- Date: 2008-02-18 06:12:09

I'll find andy for you seems to always be an instant win.

Comment by: Typewriter -- Date: 2008-02-16 10:22:43

OK... So after he tells me to upgrade he doesn't let me upgrade when I have the materials and awesome points necessary for the upgrade???

Comment by: NissSky32 -- Date: 2008-02-15 12:37:47

So far its great. I can't wait to see some of the things that you have in mind for his upgraded status

Comment by: Vortex -- Date: 2008-02-14 23:16:45

Feedback on the blacksmith as a whole would be appreciated, either here or in the forums.

Comment by: Buckramega -- Date: 2008-02-14 20:07:44


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