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The Road Ahead Redux

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Jun 27, 2008
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5 months ago I wrote a blog entry about upcoming features of the Awesome Theory. I fully expected all of those features I discussed to be active by now but that is not the case. I am going to cover the features I talked about then and then discuss the next wave of new features on my radar.

The road ahead

Classic Duels

This, obviously, has become a reality in the meantime. Allowing customized maximum action times has not seen reality yet, and honestly, is not high on my current list. It will happen eventually, but not soon.

Link Exchange

The Link Exchange has been around for a while, and over 700 sites have been submitted. I have discovered a bunch of awesome sites that I did not know about before thanks to the link exchange. I am not 100% happy with the feature - there needs to be a search feature and the categories need to be revamped for starters, but I think it is a great addition to the site.

Chat Channels

There is still just one chat channel, but having multiple channels is still something I want to have. A framework for this is in place, I just need to focus on this feature to get it done. There are several things ahead of this, but I still think it is important.


My thinking on this feature has wavered all over the place in the last few months. At one point I practically abondoned it, but recently I have had ideas on how to do it more easily then my previous thinking. Again, this is not near the top of the list, but it probably tops my second tier priorities at the moment.

Wiki: Encyclopedia Awesomica

Encyclopedia Awesomica

The Awesome Theory Wiki, Encyclopedia Awesomica, went live a few weeks ago. It still only has a few articles, but I am working on writing more all the time. I hope that eventually others will write articles for it as well. The articles don't have to be about the website, they can be about anything that is awesome or stupid. I certainly look forward to this feature being a more integral part of the Awesome Theory experience.

The Mullet Lottery

This feature is something I do not think will be very hard, so once it becomes my primary focus it should be done in no time. For that fact alone it is higher on my list than many other things.

The Current Plan

Usually I keep these sort of things under the vest, but I want you guys to get excited about what is coming up (not including what I wrote about above), so here it is:

  1. Duel Skills/Status effects
    First thing is to finish the status effects (Haste/Slow/Aura don't work - sleep only partially works) and finish the skill system. I have a bunch of skills left to code (enough for 2 for each class), plus I have to finish working out summoning. Finally, I am going to let people upgrade the effectiveness of their skills. You will be able to "level up" skills to make them even more effective.

  2. Tutorial
    The Awesome Theory needs new users to survive and thrive, and to help new members to not get overwhelmed and leave, a good tutorial is needed to show people what they need to do to succeed here. It will be mostly visual with limited text.

  3. Promotion
    Once the tutorial is done, I am going to go on a promotion spree to try and get as many new members as possible. I have plenty of ideas, but I could always use more and I will need the help of each one of you to get the word out. More on that later.

  4. Augments
    I am going to release a new class of equipment that is basically going to be able to "equip" onto equipment. They will not be upgradeable by the blacksmith, but perhaps will be in different ways. The effects granted by augments will not be limited to equipment stats. Possible effects include default status effects, intelligence/mulletude/resistance/dexterity bonuses, guaranteed running, increased monster occurrences, better item drops, and much, much more.

  5. Citadels
    One type of game I have always loved is the city/empire building genre. I am going to tap into that here. Users will be able to build citadels which will allow them to build a variety of structures that will provide a variety of benefits. One example will be a mine - users who build a mine will gain materials from it on a daily basis. The more they level up their mine, the more materials will be gained each day. This feature will be huge and in-depth and very cool.

  6. Stock Exchange
    Investing in various awesome and stupid related equities sounds fun and hilarious if you ask me. I look forward to playing it and the challenge of coding a reliable system for it.

  7. Top 10 Lists
    This is going to be another section for people to vote on. You will be able to submit your top 10 list in a varity of categories, like Video Games or Movies, and then vote on other lists to ultimately determine which list is the best.

  8. Mad libs
    We a lot going for us with the damage reports on the battles and all the words available - the plan is to leverage that existing content into a mad libs section that should be very entertaining.

  9. Story Generator
    similar to Acrophobia in that people will submit the next sentence of a story and the users on the site will vote on which one is the best. The end result should be routinely entertaining.

  10. Image Gallery
    This got somewhat broken when the website upgraded to phpbb 3.0 bulletin boards. I want to fix it and integrate it better with the site.

And that list is just the list of major new features. There will always be tweaks, as well as more flash games, more equipment, more abilities, more everything!

Please use the comments of this blog or the forum to let me know what you think about what is coming and what you are most excited about. I will use that feedback to help me figure out what to do next. Thanks!
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User Comments

I don't know why, but i'm currently obsessed with this site, looking forward to the new stuff to come.

Comment by: Rawr -- Date: 2008-08-25 19:48:15

You. Are. Awesome. Period. And so is your basement. I look forward to all these features only once I ditch teh AOLz. As it is what I know would take me 5-10 minutes on a broadband connection takes me an hour on AOL.

Comment by: SamuraiPizzaCat -- Date: 2008-07-16 20:24:04

i'm mostly excited about numbers 5 through 9, simply because it'll provide a lot more entertainment on the site. sometimes it gets a little old just dueling, or doing acros, so i think those new things would be great to keep things varied, and will also keep people on the site longer and more often.

Comment by: beautyrains -- Date: 2008-06-27 20:16:40


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