Purchasing Equipment
Chapter 3, section 2

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3.1 - Equipment Introduction
3.2 - Purchasing Equipment
3.3 - Equipping your Equipment
3.4 - Equipment Slots
3.5 - Mulleteria Store
3.6 - Inserting Mulleteria
3.7 - Mulleteria Caveats
3.8 - Effect Reference
4.1 - The Blacksmith
4.2 - Upgrading Equipment
4.3 - Adding Slots
4.4 - Upgrading Slots
4.5 - Upgrading Mulleteria
4.6 - Upgrading Mulleteria Effects
Go to the store
The primary way to acquire new equipment is to buy it from the equipment store. The easiest way to get there is to click the knight helm icon in the shortcut bar in your banner.

Inside the Equipment Store
The equipment store sells all six types of equipment. Once someone buys an item in the store, it is gone. The store's stock refreshes periodically, so if you do not like the current selection, be patient and it will change. The store usually refreshes around once an hour.

To purchase one or more pieces of equipment, simply check the box next to the cost and then click purchase selected items. Switch between the types of equipment using the tabs at the top of the screen. If you cannot check the box, either you have too many pieces of equipment in your inventory (you can only have 5 of each), or you lack the proper amount of mullets for the purchase.

Next you must equip the equipment you have purchased.

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