Equipping your Equipment
Chapter 3, section 3

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3.1 - Equipment Introduction
3.2 - Purchasing Equipment
3.3 - Equipping your Equipment
3.4 - Equipment Slots
3.5 - Mulleteria Store
3.6 - Inserting Mulleteria
3.7 - Mulleteria Caveats
3.8 - Effect Reference
4.1 - The Blacksmith
4.2 - Upgrading Equipment
4.3 - Adding Slots
4.4 - Upgrading Slots
4.5 - Upgrading Mulleteria
4.6 - Upgrading Mulleteria Effects
Go to your inventory
To equip your newly purchased gear, you must go to your inventory page. The easiest way to get there is to click the icon of the person outlined in lightning in the shortcut bar in your banner.

Equipping stuff
Once in your inventory, scroll down to see the list of equipment that you have available. To equip something, click the "equip" label directly to the left of the picture. If something is already equipped, equipping a new item will automatically unequip the old one. Again, use the tabs to switch between your different types of equipment.

In the picture you will notice additional types of equipment: thrown, potion, and utility. These are special one time use items that will be covered later.

Note that to sell a piece of equipment, simply click the "sell for xxxx" link directly above the name of the equipment.

So what do those colored boxes will all the dots mean? Find out next.

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