Mulleteria Store
Chapter 3, section 5

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3.1 - Equipment Introduction
3.2 - Purchasing Equipment
3.3 - Equipping your Equipment
3.4 - Equipment Slots
3.5 - Mulleteria Store
3.6 - Inserting Mulleteria
3.7 - Mulleteria Caveats
3.8 - Effect Reference
4.1 - The Blacksmith
4.2 - Upgrading Equipment
4.3 - Adding Slots
4.4 - Upgrading Slots
4.5 - Upgrading Mulleteria
4.6 - Upgrading Mulleteria Effects
Mulleteria Store
To get to the Mulleteria Store, click the button that looks like the one above that can be found near the bottom of the inventory and equipment store pages.

Mulleteria Store
This store is very similar to the equipment store. Purchasing mulleteria works the same as equipment, except that you are allowed up to 50 different mulleteria of each type.

Mulleteria come in 4 different types:
  • Offensive - meant for insertion into an offensive slot
  • Defensive - meant for insertion into a defensive slot
  • Augment - meant for insertion into an augment slot
  • General - no slot type preference

After you have purchased a few mulleteria, head back to your inventory page to learn how to use them. Find out about that next.

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