Inserting Mulleteria
Chapter 3, section 6

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3.1 - Equipment Introduction
3.2 - Purchasing Equipment
3.3 - Equipping your Equipment
3.4 - Equipment Slots
3.5 - Mulleteria Store
3.6 - Inserting Mulleteria
3.7 - Mulleteria Caveats
3.8 - Effect Reference
4.1 - The Blacksmith
4.2 - Upgrading Equipment
4.3 - Adding Slots
4.4 - Upgrading Slots
4.5 - Upgrading Mulleteria
4.6 - Upgrading Mulleteria Effects
Inserting Mulleteria
To get to where you can begin inserting mulleteria into the slots on a piece of equipment, from your inventory page, click on the image of the piece of equipment you want to work with

Inserting Mulleteria
On this page you can see all the mulleteria you own. To insert a mulleteria, select a slot from the drop down list next to it and then click the insert button. Note that mulleteria can only be inserted into slots that are a level at least as high as the mulleteria. If the equipment does not have a slot high enough for a mulleteria, no slots will be available to select on the list.

The slots are numbered from left to right, top to bottom. Thus, the upper left slot is slot 1. If a mulleteria has a sword icon next to it, that means it is currently inserted into a slot, and not necessarily a slot on the mulleteria you are working with.

So what the heck do all these icons mean? Read on to find out.

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