Mulleteria Caveats
Chapter 3, section 7

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3.1 - Equipment Introduction
3.2 - Purchasing Equipment
3.3 - Equipping your Equipment
3.4 - Equipment Slots
3.5 - Mulleteria Store
3.6 - Inserting Mulleteria
3.7 - Mulleteria Caveats
3.8 - Effect Reference
4.1 - The Blacksmith
4.2 - Upgrading Equipment
4.3 - Adding Slots
4.4 - Upgrading Slots
4.5 - Upgrading Mulleteria
4.6 - Upgrading Mulleteria Effects
There are a few important caveats to keep in mind when inserting mulleteria into your equipment

First - you are allowed to insert any type of mulleteria into any type of slot, but if you insert offensive, defensive, or augment mulleteria into a basic slot of the wrong type, it will take a 25% penalty to its effect. General mulleteria, however, can go into any slot without penalty.

Second - Special slots are especially good. Not only can any type of mulleteria be inserted into them without penalty, they actually give bonuses to inserted mulleteria. Uber slots (crown) give a 50% bonus, Awesome slots (shuriken) give a 75% bonus, and Ninja slots (ninja) give a 100% bonus.

Uber Slot Awesome Slot Ninja Slot

Third - Equipping multiple mulleteria of the same type on the same piece of equipment will degrade the effect of each additional mulleteria by more and more. For example, a second mulleteria of the same type will receive a 20% penalty to its effect. Each additional mulleteria of the same type will get more and more penalized.

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