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Andy is the name of a sentient legendary mythical anvil rumored to have revealed the truth of the Awesome Theory to Buckramega and chazinomaha long ago. Claimed sightings of Andy are frequent and persistent on the Awesome Theory (website). Allegedly, possessing Andy yields certain benefits.



No one knows much about where Andy came from, how he was made, or much of anything else. It is known that upon his surface the original mullet equipment was forged. Also, upon him, with the right materials, any piece of equipment can be made stronger. Andy is thought to be the most knowledgeable being in existence and might just have to power to snuff out anything that exists. Many believe he is the physical manifestation of the Alpha Awesome, the first Ninja, whom some call God.

Mullet store

The mullet store sells plush Andy dolls for a modest price. The benefits of purchasing these dolls are as of yet unknown.


The blacksmith seems to have an unhealthy obsession with Andy. Considering that Andy is the most amazing anvil ever to exist and that blacksmiths do most of their work on an anvil, this makes sense. One presumes that if the holder of Andy goes to the blacksmith, he would offer his services at a reduced fee.

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