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The Awesome Theory, in its simplest form, states that everything in the Universe is made up entirely of varying degrees of two elementary components: Awesome and Stupid. These two components are utter opposites and exist in strained stalemate throughout the Cosmos. This stunning revelation was discovered in Omaha, Nebraska, in September of 2007.



Until the discovery of The Awesome Theory, the accepted heirarchy of particles went from molecules to atoms to protons/neutrons/electrons to quarks. Scientists long thought that quarks were not the elementary particle and were themselves made up of something smaller. They were right -- quarks are comprised of Awesome and Stupid Particles. These two particles are the true elementary particles in the universe.


In September of 2007, while waiting on unreliable development hardware to come back up, Buckramega and chazinomaha started a discussion that would rock the world of physics to its very core. Through stunning deductive reasoning and amazing insight, they determined the core facet of the Awesome Theory and generated the original 7 Axioms of Awesome.


While much work remains to be done, the Awesome Theory has been constantly refined as new understandings are revealed. The number of Axioms has reached 17 as of May, 2008.


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In normal matter, quarks contain awesome particles that are bonded together with Awesome engergy and free floating stupid particles. It is the ratio of these particles that determines many of the innate characteristics of the object in question. The higher the ratio of Awesome to Stupid particles results in matter that is more innately awesome.

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