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Dragon mullets are the most awesome type of mullet in existence. It is a rare dragon that can grow hair, much less a magnificent mullet. Due to their incredible rarity, dragon mullets are extremely valuable.



There are multiple ways one can acquire a dragon mullet. The following is a list that may or may not be all inclusive.

Winning a game of Acrophobia will earn you a dragon mullet. If that acrophobia game had 10 players in it, the winner will get 2 dragon mullets instead.

Winning Awesome User of the Week will earn you a dragon mullet. Proceeding to win Awesome User of the Month will earn you an additional 2 dragon mullets, and winning Awesome User of the Year will yield an additional 10.

Writing a worthwhile Encyclopedia Awesomica article (as determined by Buckramega) will earn you one or more dragon mullets.

Getting an axiom canonized will earn you one or more dragon mullets.

Winning the daily drawing will earn you a dragon mullet. You will receive an entry into the daily drawing by participating in many of the extra activities on the site.

  • Answering the question of the day
  • Voting on current or upcoming battles (10% chance of an entry per vote)
  • Rating or commenting on a blog entry/flash game/candidate
  • Rating a link
  • Submitting a link
  • Voting on the user of the week/month/year
  • Using an SP ability other than Ascend
  • Taking the quiz (5 entries)
  • Making a forum post
  • Voting on an item
  • Submitting an FAQ
  • Joining an Acrophobia queue

Referring a friend that becomes a regular user will earn you a dragon mullet at Buckramega's discretion.

Purchasing Awesome Theory merchandise will earn you one dragon mullet per $5 spent, rounding up ($6 will get you 2 dragon mullets).

Donating funds to The Awesome Theory through PayPal will earn you one dragon mullet per $1 donated.

Other ways to acquire dragon mullets are in the works. An example is with questions of the day - soon, you will be able to vote on who answered the question of the day the best, and the winner of each day will get a dragon mullet. Also, the winners of certain large user vs. user duels will get dragon mullets as well.


Currently, there is only one way to use dragon mullets, and that is to redeem them at the dragon mullet exchange for large rewards. You can exchange each dragon mullet for one of the following:


Over time, certain areas of the website have become somewhat neglected. The main reason for dragon mullets is to help breathe life back into some of the other cool things to do on The Awesome Theory besides kill monsters. Also, dragon mullets are just awesome.

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