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The equipment store is the primary way for users to acquire various types of equipment. The equipment store currently sells 8 different types of equipment: weapons, armor, shields, helms, boots, relics, potions, utility items, and throwing weapons. Users buy equipment at the store using [mullets] earned from participating on the website in various ways.



The store will usually have at least 30 items for sale at any given time. This number can fluctuate because when users buy items, they are not immediately replaced, and as users sell items, they go back into the store for sale. Each type of item will usually have at least 3 different options, randomly ranging between the weakest and strongest possible options

Stock Refresh

The store refreshes its stock at random intervals – there is approximately a 5% chance of that happening every 5 minutes, yielding an average refresh time of 50 minutes. The range can be from 5 minutes to over 4 hours, but extreme cases like that are rare. Eventually, the functionality of user-triggered refreshes at a significant cost will become available. When the refresh happens, new items are randomly created and the old ones are gone forever.


When a user sells an item, it goes back into the stock of the item store, but at 75% of its original price. If it is bought and sold again, it goes back for sale at 75% of the already discounted price.

Pricing Methodology

Items are priced by three factors: The item’s potential, actual stats, and base price. The higher any of these values are, the higher the price of the item. Items are priced at an exponential scale, ensuring diminishing returns. An item that sells for 50 thousand mullets is usually only going to be about 40% better than an item selling for 25 thousand mullets.

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