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Skills are special actions that players can take in duels. All skills require mana to use. In addition to having enough mana, a skill must either be unlocked, or the player must be of the class that the skill belongs to.



A player may always use any skills that are associated with their current class. To use skills that are associated with different classes, they must first be unlocked. To unlock a skill, visit the class information page that can be reached by clicking the image of your class that appears in the right side of banner on every page. The resulting page will list all available skills to unlock at the bottom of the page. Unlocking skills costs class points (CP), which you can earn by killing monsters.


Skills can be managed in a variety of ways. To do so, click the mana label next to your mana bar in any duel where you can use skills, or click on the “manage skills” link on the class management page.


Unlocked skills are equipped by default, but if you want to unequip them, simply click the red E next to the appropriate skill. Unequipping skills will make them no longer appear in your skill drop down list so it can be smaller and less cluttered if you desire. Once unequipped, that E will instead be a zero with a line through it – click on that symbol to equip it again. There is no cost to do this and it can be done as many times as you desire.


One skill at any time can be your default skill. This means that it will be the skill automatically selected by default in your drop down list. If you find yourself using one particular skill most of the time, this is extremely handy. To set a skill as your default skill, click to small red X on the far right side of the skill’s entry. That will change it to a green check. Since only one skill can be your default at once, selecting a new skill to be your default will automatically make a previous not your default anymore.

Note that if you do not set a default skill, no skill will show up in the drop down box. Also, if you do not have enough mana for your default skill, your default skill will become the least expensive skill you have equipped that you have enough mana for.


Skills have levels and can be leveled up using class points (CP). To level up a skill, click the button with the 1 and up arrow next to the level of the skill. The cost in CP is shown above the button. Skills that are unlocked but able to be used because of a player’s class are considered level zero skills. Unlocking the skill grants it level 1.

Leveling up a skill will improve its performance in one or more ways. Depending on the effect of the skill, leveling it up could increase the damage it does, increase the amount of the effect, or increase the duration. In rare cases, leveling up the skill will grant the skill additional effects that it would not normally have.

Each additional level is more expensive and will also give less of a bonus than the level before it. A level 2 skill will generally be 10% more effective than its level 1 counterpart. That 10% gets smaller and smaller for each additional level until around level 30, where it bottoms out at 1%, which is the minimum bonus per level.


Most skills can be used on any target, so be careful and ensure you are targeting the right person with it. Many duelers have died accidentally healing their opponents instead of themselves. Some skills can only be used on yourself, and in those cases, it does not matter who you choose as the target, it will only affect yourself – ruminate and meditate are a couple examples of this.

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