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A status effect is a temporary condition in a duel where a participant’s abilities will either be increased or reduced in a variety of ways. Status effects can be inflicted in a variety of ways, usually involving skills. Status effects will wear off over time and are tracked on a per duel basis, so getting an effect in one duel will not apply to other any others the affected user is participating in. There are currently 17 status effects, 9 of which are categorized as negative and the remaining 8 categorized as positive.


Positive Effects


Aura doubles the afflicted duelist’s resistance.


A duelist under the awesome status effect has all of his/her equipment stats increased by 25%. For example, a hit stat of 100 would instead be 125.


Barrier cuts reduced damage dealt to the afflicted duelist by half. The modifier is applied after all others.


Counted as positive but sometimes very negative, berserked duelists seldom perform the actions specified by their controllers. They aggressively attack random opponents and will not use skills or disposable items. The benefit, and the reason the effect is considered positive, is that the duelist gets a 25% bonus to damage inflicted. The modifier is applied after damage is calculated.


A duelist under the effect of drain will regain 10% of the melee damage they inflict as HP. Thus, if 100 damage is inflicted, 10 will be regained by the inflicter.


A duelist under the haste effect has a much greater chance of acting first in a round. Note that it is still possible for hasted duelists to act after slowed duelists, even if their dexterity is the same.


A duelist in rage status is unable to defend, which makes sense considering he is obviously really angry. On the plus side, the duelist gets a 10% bonus to damage dealt. The modifier is applied after damage is calculated.


The thorn effect reflects 10% of damage dealt to a duelist back to the duelist whom inflicted it. Thus, attacking a thorned defender and dealing 100 damage will result in receiving back 10 damage for the trouble.

Negative Effects


The blind status effect reduces the hit stat of the affected duelist by 50%. Hitting a target is still possible, just much less likely while blinded.


Confused duelists randomly choose between attack, wild, and overpower against a random target. They cannot distinguish between friend and foe and cannot muster the mental power necessary to make more complicated decisions like using items or skills.


A duelists inflicted with the coward effect is unable to wild or attack. Using items and skills is unaffected.


The douche status effect reduces the stats of the duelist inflected across the board by 50%.


Poisoned duelists lose 10% of their current health (not maximum HP) at the end of each round.


A sleeping duelist is incapable of taking any action until he/she awakens. Currently, skills that deal damage do not wake a sleeping target - only dealing damage with a normal attack action or time will wake a sleeping duelist.


Slowed duelists will more likely act later or last in each round. It is still possible, however, that a slowed duelists will act before normal duelists or even hasted ones.


A stunned duelist is incapable of taking any action until he/she is no longer stunned. No action, other than one designed to remove this effect, will cause the target to become unstunned. This effect will usually not last longer than 2 turns.


A duelist that is stupidified is no longer able to use skills. All other duel options remain available.

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