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Where do we go from here?
(Or, how I started worrying and stopped loving the awesome)

Anyone who has been coming here a while will probably notice that traffic has been way down lately. There are very few regular visitors left, and the occasional visitors are visiting further and further apart.

I don't really know what caused this signficant downturn. The Awesome Theory has had downturns before from which it recovered, but none this bad. I fear that before long, no one, save myself, will be using the site more than once in a great while.

This saddens me, and in some ways makes me want to call it quits, let AT fade into the sunset. I have always drawn my inspiration to make the site bigger and better from my users - the more people visited the site, the more I wanted to make it more awesome. Now, with fewer and fewer users, my inspiration and motivation has hit a valley.

This is not the end of AT, however, and I doubt it will ever end. My costs are relatively low, and even if I do not perform new development for the site, it can run as is ad infintum. That is not my plan, though.

For those who do not know, I am in the military, and the military has determined that I must retrain into a new job. As a result of that, I must go away to school for three month and then move to a new base in Georgia. I leave for training at the beginning of February and until then, much of my free time will be monopolized by preparing my house to be sold while I am gone to my training in Texas.

Once I get to my training, I should have lots of free time, and I expect to use a good chunk of it reviving this website - which will include significant changes, perhaps even including a new look. I am not sure right now. I hope that the time away from hardcore development (I may still do little things in the interim), will refresh me for the work ahead.

The biggest thing I will likely do in the interim is write my own picture management application to replace the one that broke when I upgraded to phpBB3. The reasoning here is that it will help out my family website as well as AT.

In conclusion, AT is not going away now, nor anytime in the near future. When active development continues and AT returns in full shiny awesome glory, a news email will go out to everyone. In the meantime, continue to come by or not as you will, you are welcome to, of course. I will still fix bugs and problems you encounter. Thank you for your support and understanding. If you have any questions or comments, post them in the forum.

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